A CPA or Certified Public Accountant is a professional qualified and certified to perform tax audits, corporate or business accounting and consulting and many other kinds of accounting services. It is not easy to become an accountant as there are many things that you need to learn and undertake in order to become legally certified and recognized.


An accountant works as a service provider so he or she must make sure to provide customers reliable and reasonable services all the time. In order to retain and acquire customers, accountants should utilize online marketing strategies to attract more clients and business. One of the simplest and most basic online marketing tool is to create or build a website. Here are online marketing ideas that you should incorporate as an accounting professional.




Never underestimate the importance of a professional and functional websites for accountants. As a service provider, CPA websites allow existing clients and potential clients to access your services at any day and any time. This gives them an idea on what kind of work you do, your specialization and accomplishments as an accounting professional. Here, they will be able to know more about your qualifications and certifications.


Websites for accountants is not just a tool to market your services. Your website can be an extension of your capabilities as an efficient and effective professional service provider. Investing in a website should go beyond the design and aesthetics of the site but more on the features and tools that can be utilized by your client. Aside from being able to download forms needed for tax preparation, your website can also have a feature where they can upload or input their tax information, making the transfer of information and accounting data more convenient.


Your website should also contain relevant and timely news and information about tax issues within your area. Remember to upload fresh content every so often to make sure your clients are always well informed and interested to visit your website.


Other Online Marketing Ideas


Email Newsletter


An easy way to keep in touch with your clients all throughout the year is by an email newsletter. This can be sent out on a weekly or monthly basis. Check out for more info about accountants.





If you have established a good working relationship with your clients, you will find that you can get referrals over your clients' recommendations. However, in order to gain new customers and clients, you must continuously expand your network. There are many ways to grow your network online and most of these are free to use.